Low Cost Funerals

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Low Cost Funerals

McEvoy Funeral Directors provides clients with a low-cost funeral service.
We understand the costs associated with a funeral can seem overwhelming, especially after an unexpected bereavement in a family. We can provide a low-cost funeral service that also includes a manageable payment system.

Our low-cost funeral option includes a hearse, pallbearers and a coffin. The service also includes the removal of the deceased from the place of the death to the funeral, and to the cemetery or crematorium.

Extras can be added to the above package although additional services will include an additional charge. All these extra charges will be discussed in full with the family of the deceased.

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Humanist Funerals

A humanist funeral ceremony is designed around the wishes of the deceased.
A humanist ceremony is person-centred and is suitable for an individual who didn’t follow or practice a traditional belief system.
The service celebrates the life of the person by the reciting of poetry or playing of music that held a special significance to the deceased.

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FAQ About Low Cost Funerals

  • What do your low cost funeral services include?

    We understand that the cost of funeral home services can seem overwhelming, which is why we provide our clients with low cost funeral services as an option. Our low cost funeral services includes the hearse, pallbearers, and the coffin. As well as transportation of the body from where they passed, to the funeral, then to the cemetery or crematorium.

  • Do you provide payment plans for your funeral home costs?

    Yes, we do. Along with offering low cost funeral services, we offer a payment system that is made to be manageable. We will work with you to create the right payment plan. Contact us today to learn more.